Tuesday, November 27, 2007

100 bucks per month??

aaa....i can't wait till spm ends!
i wanna shop, shop, SHOP!
i wanna do everything i want, before the results are out... cos i'm sure gonna die. i know my results will be really terrible. i dunno what would my parents feel, aaaaa!!
i didnt want to disappoint them lar, but...
unfortunately, they'll sure be very disappointed with my results! nooooooo...

3 months time for me before results sre announced..
but damn, i kena NS! i've been chosen to go for national service,1st batch for year 2008!
aaaa...spoilt my plannings...

but the lucky thing is, i will be going to BANTING camp..
wooooo so near! but, wat's the point? selangor ppl kena selangor camp, no need to go lah! right? haha...

a friend of mine, who is also a dancer, is getting married next month!! (gong xi gong xi !)
and she just called up and tell me her wedding dinner is on the 30th of december!!
tiu, i gotta go bao4 dao4(check in) for ns at stadium shah alam on 29th lar!
darn... but how? wat can i do? ish.
how good if i wasn't chosen for that stupid ns...wastin my time only.


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