Friday, December 28, 2007

Agefuku Restaurant

this afternoon, w all gathered at dj's mom's japanese restaurant at taipan.
it was what i expected, just few of them shown up. others? put aeroplane d..
after picking tha and sy at sri muda, the 3 of us went to taipan together.
actually i was quite sure about the location of the restaurant, as i always go there with family. plus, dj have sent the map to me.
when we reached taipan, we couldnt find the restaurant!
based on the map, the restaurant should be near to RHB bank.
we made a lot of turns but we still couldnt get to the place...
when we finally got there, i realised that the RHB bank was not there! it actually moved already recently! lol... it was the bank's fault! haha..
and the restaurant is actually at a corner, which we had bypass a few times!!
tha and i screamed and shouted when we saw the restaurant, cos the 3 of us did not notice the restaurant was actually at the corner!

dj's mom is very friendly!
the food is really good, all of us was eating non-stop!
we all really enjoyed the food!
thanks dj!!! and ur mom too! =)

for those who's going for ns, take care and see you!!
tha, i will miss u! see u during CNY....


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