Tuesday, December 11, 2007

dancing, dancing and dancing--the whole day

yesterday was secret recipe's 10th anniversary!
they were having a special promotion, that is, buy 1 free 1!!
sounds nice..
initially, i went to sunway pyramid alone cos my mom lah, ask me to buy the cake cos she said it's cheap leh!!
and then when i was walking around, my heels broke!!
damn it... i saw the guard looking n smiling at me!
i know i was funny, cos i was like "pai ha pai ha" like that...
why is my sandals or heels always break when i'm shopping?? tmd...
i bought a pair or sandals, which cost me 45 bucks!
oh dear... my pocket got a hole already!
and then when i went to the secret recipe, gosh!
the queue was damn long!!
actually i got to rush home to change and cook for my brother, and in the afternoon i gotta go to ss2 for my rehearsal.
so in the end, tak jadi beli lah!
i saw one aunty holding 3 bags of secret recipe's cake, there were 6 of it u know!!
walao..a bit too greedy la...

after rehearsal, it was already 5.45 and i got to rush down to klang for my belly dancing class at 6.30.
i knew i was going to be late cos it was very jammed on the highway!
and it rained for the whole day man..
and so, i reached eng ann at about 6.50 and was late for my class.
haha, but it's ok. cos we usually warm up our body and mark steps first, so i didnt really miss any steps! anyway, i catch up very fast one ma! haha...(so chuan! =p)


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