Sunday, December 30, 2007

dk style wedding dinner. lol

if u would wanna ask, wat does dk stand for?
haha.. guess! =)

went to jusco in the evening to redeem gift.
the service was so bad, man! my mom ordered a gift few weeks ago and they told her that the gift was out of stock and asked her to come back another day.
so i went to jj today to redeem the gift as 31.12.2007 is the deadline.
in the end, i redeemed a rm20 voucher cos the girl told me the gift ordered is still out of stock!

passby elianto when i was on my way to the carpark.
whenever i see elianto, i'll definitely stop by and have a look.
that's how i make my wallet even bigger hole! lol..

went to centro after that, and i was punctual!
reached there at 7 and met eva outside the lift.
as what i expected, there were only few of them (the tradition of chinese ppl-- being late!!)
went to the backstage and met aaron, i-lynn, eddie, see ngar, marcus, kenn, jay chan(not jay chou), boon teng, angie and a new fren, kim.
they were preparing for their dance and setting their hair up.
so eva and i just buat kepoh lah..

throughout the dinner, i think many of them were looking at us cos we screamed, took photos and were very noisy(especially jay and aaron!!)
haha... jay even wanted to give our beautiful bride, felicia a surprise, but i-lynn woan tyng accidentally told her! (you're forgiven cos no one tells u it was supposed to be a surprise, i-lynn woan tyng!! haha)

i managed to take some pics...

the family

jay singing...

the bride! gorgeous...

wat??! this pose again?

the rest are still in other's camera... will upload after i grab from them =)

oh ya, sin, sorry lo...wanted to pay u a visit but no chance. haha..
meet u other day ^^
miss u...muakss..!



Eva Sam said...

wah.. so dark wei the photos lol...

how to see? I can hardly see who and who also ahhahah

szelynn said...

ahahaha... consume more vitamin A dear, good for night-blindness! =)