Monday, December 17, 2007

melilea @ putra stadium bukit jalil

the show yesterday was great!
after so many days' rehearsals i finally feel very relieved!
this was the biggest and best show i've ever done!
and after 2 weeks' rehearsals, all of the dancers have actually become good friends, i really enjoyed the moment we had fun together!
i found out that actually all of us are really playful, witty, humourous and funny!
and also good in acting too! haha...
i missed the moments we hang out together, cramped in eva's small small room(wahahha...), got high in eva's car, got crazy during rehearsals, eating sushi and lots more!

i'll never forget the time we had together for these 2 weeks!

at the back stage when all the girls were watching the guys on the stage, i noticed some one looking at me. then when he looked away, i realised that he's actually rynn lim, the famous singer from malaysia!! i was jumping and telling everyone, too bad not all of them actually know who he is! then when i told i-lynn, we were like jumping around and ran back to the dancers' room to get our camera. 2 of us were so happy cos we could take pic with him and looked at him face to face! wahahhaha... i-lynn was like flying and smiling when we got into our room!

after that, i-lynn saw andrew tan, a famous singer and tv host in malaysia!
i was screaming and asking "where where where????!!!!"
lol... 2 of us were really crazy! wahahaha...
andrew was very friendly!

when the guys were performing for the 2nd last song, calvin was injured!
he had actually fallen down from the stage, and it was 5 feet high!
luckily it was at the back of the stage so the audients didnt know. but he was hurt and in pain, and he had to perform for the last song some more!
all of us were really worried!
felt so bad for him!
hope he'll get well soon!

all in all, this show was great!


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lynn said...

hahaahaha.....u describe me like a crazy person..(anyway,i was)..haha..ya,really missed al d rhs n show..wonder when will be the nex big show..but definitely is during my break..haha..