Tuesday, December 18, 2007

midvalley megamall

yes, we hung out at midvalley today!
we were all like crazy last night, saying that want to discuss about the transportation and time to meet and stuff like that, but we ended up talking so much lame things.
especially eva and mf!
lol and i was the one who keep asking them to get back to the topic!
too bad i missed the joke "ayam kambing bag" after the show on sunday cos i went back early.
it was my mom's fault!

so, i reached midvalley at about 12.30, so i went to the cinema and queued cos the others could only reached by 2.
we went for sushi king again and after that we went for movie---ENCHANTED.
finally we get to watch! haha..

after the movie, the 5 of us were so crazy taking pictures non-stop and doing so many stupid + lame poses..
haha... it was fun, but felt so sorry for vselm, cos he ws a bit bored la, taking pics for us only. lol

the main purpose we hung out together today was to watch the christmas roadshow in midvalley due to winnie's request. the show was great and i learnt a lot after watching the show. the dancers' expression and their lines were so awesome!
the guy could even jumped and danced so fast with his high boots!! geng!
they are really professional... @.@

eva, buat kacau saje!

decoration on tree, it's cute!

taking wedding photo?

all girls in white top!

in conclusion, we are a group of crazy people.


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Eva Sam said...

hehe... nice photos wei... good that i came visit your blog.. got to grab those photos too.. hugggzzz

miss u gal!!!