Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i'm now a student of sunway college

this morning woke up early to go to sunway college with my parents.
to register for next year A-level programme january intake.
oh yea i'm going to study in a new environment, with new faces, new friends, new teachers and etc..
i havent had enough rest yet after spm wei... so fast need to study again?
my dad said after doing A-level he's going to send me to s'pore for futher studies.
omg? he even said if i could get PR then it would be best.

lynn asked: "what's PR?"
dad answered: "permanent resident."
lynn: "......"

oh no...
i'm gonna miss my friends so much if i ever migrate to other country! noooo....
but he said, all depends on me whether i want to go which country...
i shall just finish my A-level first before i make any decisions.

oh yea, when we were at sunway, after we had done with all the procedures, my dad took my report card.
he said he has never seen my report card since 4 years ago ( ie. i only showed him my report card once, when i was in form 1, lol!!)
he also told my mom that he never knew my results were that bad!
haha...yea it was bad that was why i never show him my report card all this while! =D

in the car, he told me: u better score for your A-level, or else s'pore won't accept u one! A-level is very important one, u know?
and, ur english not that good, u must also improve your english! ok??

i just nodded non-stop...

i remember
they told me PMR was important, they told me SPM was also important, and now, they said A-levels ARE very important!
is that mean SPM results are not important now? lol..
and i dunno what is the pmr results for? score so well, in the end, it's just an useless certificate!

ok, so today's jazz class, aaron said my memory has disgressed(does this word exist??)
usually i can remember steps well but these few weeks i couldnt really remember steps that well anymore..
haha... maybe it's bcos i dont really use my brain nowadays!
i need to train my memory already!
ganbate! =)



melvin said...

wa lynn.. so fast already registered the a level programme ar.. lol never tell me also.. it's good to be sg pr wo.. it will be nicer if u can be aus, uk or usa pr... haha but that time we will be very very far from each other liao.. hehe..
anyhow, gambate in life ya.. miss ya :)

+wei~* said...

wao.. i can ''feeeel'' your dad is kind of err, foreseeing your future HAVE to be a bright bright one d~ good dad a~
Have fun during your studies~ since i am going to start mine too next week. aleluyah~ all the best to us.. haha

Flora said...

I can only comment.. see ya at Sunway.. i'm starting my aus mat next week.. feels like my holidays is so short.. ahaha..