Friday, December 7, 2007

06.12.2007 -- times square

yesterday was crazy!
4 of us were not very sure the way to kl but we eventually drove to kl just on our own!!
we were crazy in the car and we had a lot of fun shopping together..
it was the best shopping ever!
luckily we found the way back...although we used the long way(not wrong way! haha..)
as soon as we got back, sj's dad brought the 4 of us to windmill for err, supper?
her dad ordered sea snail for us and it's nice and cheezy~(fattening!)
wow and we saw something cool...but i might want to keep it secret! =)

i'll never forget 06.12.2007 my friends!



lavender =) said...

haha~ Yeah its de craziest shopping ever!!! Do u still remember the way to get there? I guess i still blur... wakaka~
Err... what v saw at windmill that night was... err.. really coOl~ xD

stay pretty~

yr buddy,

szelynn said...

haha...yeah it was really fun!
and i forgot to mention about the digi yellow man!
actually, i edi told u...i dont really remember how we got there! haha..

oh ya...i told sovitha edi, next monday or tuesday we going shopping together, are u free next week?
but sj will be leaving for japan this sunday!
so we have to go without her-the super loud microphone! haha..

dbsk1226 said...

yea..great shopping!! that secret at windmill oh~ speechless~ tuesday liao.. but i got piano class la.. wednesday ah?

eh~ i can't believe saturday i'm going sarawak leh! fast! i havent prepare anything! haha..