Monday, December 31, 2007


okay, there's one correction here.
i was told that, it was not i-lynn who bocor the surprise.

okie, so IT WAS WOAN TYNG!!

sorry, i-lynn!!

the bride's maid told us it was you... haha... sorry sorry sorry..

new start. new life. new journey. new YEAR!

last day of 2007.
stepping into 2008 in another few hours, it's time to start a new chapter of my life!

my new year resolutions??
i am lazy to list them out now, will list them later, hahaa...

to those who are in ns camp now, take care yea!
tha... i'll miss u...!!


Sunday, December 30, 2007

dk style wedding dinner. lol

if u would wanna ask, wat does dk stand for?
haha.. guess! =)

went to jusco in the evening to redeem gift.
the service was so bad, man! my mom ordered a gift few weeks ago and they told her that the gift was out of stock and asked her to come back another day.
so i went to jj today to redeem the gift as 31.12.2007 is the deadline.
in the end, i redeemed a rm20 voucher cos the girl told me the gift ordered is still out of stock!

passby elianto when i was on my way to the carpark.
whenever i see elianto, i'll definitely stop by and have a look.
that's how i make my wallet even bigger hole! lol..

went to centro after that, and i was punctual!
reached there at 7 and met eva outside the lift.
as what i expected, there were only few of them (the tradition of chinese ppl-- being late!!)
went to the backstage and met aaron, i-lynn, eddie, see ngar, marcus, kenn, jay chan(not jay chou), boon teng, angie and a new fren, kim.
they were preparing for their dance and setting their hair up.
so eva and i just buat kepoh lah..

throughout the dinner, i think many of them were looking at us cos we screamed, took photos and were very noisy(especially jay and aaron!!)
haha... jay even wanted to give our beautiful bride, felicia a surprise, but i-lynn woan tyng accidentally told her! (you're forgiven cos no one tells u it was supposed to be a surprise, i-lynn woan tyng!! haha)

i managed to take some pics...

the family

jay singing...

the bride! gorgeous...

wat??! this pose again?

the rest are still in other's camera... will upload after i grab from them =)

oh ya, sin, sorry lo...wanted to pay u a visit but no chance. haha..
meet u other day ^^
miss u...muakss..!


Friday, December 28, 2007

sweet friends...

oh... today i received a christmas present from tha and sy (not the person that i mentioned just now, he's a he, and this one is a she)
which is a pair of earrings!
how sweet...
this is the first christmas present i had ever received!!
thanks tha and sy!

sj is in japan now........
she'll be back to msia next week!!
miss her so much!
so happy to receive her reply...
see u soon, sj!


Agefuku Restaurant

this afternoon, w all gathered at dj's mom's japanese restaurant at taipan.
it was what i expected, just few of them shown up. others? put aeroplane d..
after picking tha and sy at sri muda, the 3 of us went to taipan together.
actually i was quite sure about the location of the restaurant, as i always go there with family. plus, dj have sent the map to me.
when we reached taipan, we couldnt find the restaurant!
based on the map, the restaurant should be near to RHB bank.
we made a lot of turns but we still couldnt get to the place...
when we finally got there, i realised that the RHB bank was not there! it actually moved already recently! lol... it was the bank's fault! haha..
and the restaurant is actually at a corner, which we had bypass a few times!!
tha and i screamed and shouted when we saw the restaurant, cos the 3 of us did not notice the restaurant was actually at the corner!

dj's mom is very friendly!
the food is really good, all of us was eating non-stop!
we all really enjoyed the food!
thanks dj!!! and ur mom too! =)

for those who's going for ns, take care and see you!!
tha, i will miss u! see u during CNY....


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry x'mas!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

national service


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i'm now a student of sunway college

this morning woke up early to go to sunway college with my parents.
to register for next year A-level programme january intake.
oh yea i'm going to study in a new environment, with new faces, new friends, new teachers and etc..
i havent had enough rest yet after spm wei... so fast need to study again?
my dad said after doing A-level he's going to send me to s'pore for futher studies.
omg? he even said if i could get PR then it would be best.

lynn asked: "what's PR?"
dad answered: "permanent resident."
lynn: "......"

oh no...
i'm gonna miss my friends so much if i ever migrate to other country! noooo....
but he said, all depends on me whether i want to go which country...
i shall just finish my A-level first before i make any decisions.

oh yea, when we were at sunway, after we had done with all the procedures, my dad took my report card.
he said he has never seen my report card since 4 years ago ( ie. i only showed him my report card once, when i was in form 1, lol!!)
he also told my mom that he never knew my results were that bad!
haha...yea it was bad that was why i never show him my report card all this while! =D

in the car, he told me: u better score for your A-level, or else s'pore won't accept u one! A-level is very important one, u know?
and, ur english not that good, u must also improve your english! ok??

i just nodded non-stop...

i remember
they told me PMR was important, they told me SPM was also important, and now, they said A-levels ARE very important!
is that mean SPM results are not important now? lol..
and i dunno what is the pmr results for? score so well, in the end, it's just an useless certificate!

ok, so today's jazz class, aaron said my memory has disgressed(does this word exist??)
usually i can remember steps well but these few weeks i couldnt really remember steps that well anymore..
haha... maybe it's bcos i dont really use my brain nowadays!
i need to train my memory already!
ganbate! =)


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

midvalley megamall

yes, we hung out at midvalley today!
we were all like crazy last night, saying that want to discuss about the transportation and time to meet and stuff like that, but we ended up talking so much lame things.
especially eva and mf!
lol and i was the one who keep asking them to get back to the topic!
too bad i missed the joke "ayam kambing bag" after the show on sunday cos i went back early.
it was my mom's fault!

so, i reached midvalley at about 12.30, so i went to the cinema and queued cos the others could only reached by 2.
we went for sushi king again and after that we went for movie---ENCHANTED.
finally we get to watch! haha..

after the movie, the 5 of us were so crazy taking pictures non-stop and doing so many stupid + lame poses..
haha... it was fun, but felt so sorry for vselm, cos he ws a bit bored la, taking pics for us only. lol

the main purpose we hung out together today was to watch the christmas roadshow in midvalley due to winnie's request. the show was great and i learnt a lot after watching the show. the dancers' expression and their lines were so awesome!
the guy could even jumped and danced so fast with his high boots!! geng!
they are really professional... @.@

eva, buat kacau saje!

decoration on tree, it's cute!

taking wedding photo?

all girls in white top!

in conclusion, we are a group of crazy people.


Monday, December 17, 2007

melilea @ putra stadium bukit jalil

the show yesterday was great!
after so many days' rehearsals i finally feel very relieved!
this was the biggest and best show i've ever done!
and after 2 weeks' rehearsals, all of the dancers have actually become good friends, i really enjoyed the moment we had fun together!
i found out that actually all of us are really playful, witty, humourous and funny!
and also good in acting too! haha...
i missed the moments we hang out together, cramped in eva's small small room(wahahha...), got high in eva's car, got crazy during rehearsals, eating sushi and lots more!

i'll never forget the time we had together for these 2 weeks!

at the back stage when all the girls were watching the guys on the stage, i noticed some one looking at me. then when he looked away, i realised that he's actually rynn lim, the famous singer from malaysia!! i was jumping and telling everyone, too bad not all of them actually know who he is! then when i told i-lynn, we were like jumping around and ran back to the dancers' room to get our camera. 2 of us were so happy cos we could take pic with him and looked at him face to face! wahahhaha... i-lynn was like flying and smiling when we got into our room!

after that, i-lynn saw andrew tan, a famous singer and tv host in malaysia!
i was screaming and asking "where where where????!!!!"
lol... 2 of us were really crazy! wahahaha...
andrew was very friendly!

when the guys were performing for the 2nd last song, calvin was injured!
he had actually fallen down from the stage, and it was 5 feet high!
luckily it was at the back of the stage so the audients didnt know. but he was hurt and in pain, and he had to perform for the last song some more!
all of us were really worried!
felt so bad for him!
hope he'll get well soon!

all in all, this show was great!


Friday, December 14, 2007

merry christmas~

cute and pretty little girl! she's only 5!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

dancing, dancing and dancing--the whole day

yesterday was secret recipe's 10th anniversary!
they were having a special promotion, that is, buy 1 free 1!!
sounds nice..
initially, i went to sunway pyramid alone cos my mom lah, ask me to buy the cake cos she said it's cheap leh!!
and then when i was walking around, my heels broke!!
damn it... i saw the guard looking n smiling at me!
i know i was funny, cos i was like "pai ha pai ha" like that...
why is my sandals or heels always break when i'm shopping?? tmd...
i bought a pair or sandals, which cost me 45 bucks!
oh dear... my pocket got a hole already!
and then when i went to the secret recipe, gosh!
the queue was damn long!!
actually i got to rush home to change and cook for my brother, and in the afternoon i gotta go to ss2 for my rehearsal.
so in the end, tak jadi beli lah!
i saw one aunty holding 3 bags of secret recipe's cake, there were 6 of it u know!!
walao..a bit too greedy la...

after rehearsal, it was already 5.45 and i got to rush down to klang for my belly dancing class at 6.30.
i knew i was going to be late cos it was very jammed on the highway!
and it rained for the whole day man..
and so, i reached eng ann at about 6.50 and was late for my class.
haha, but it's ok. cos we usually warm up our body and mark steps first, so i didnt really miss any steps! anyway, i catch up very fast one ma! haha...(so chuan! =p)


Friday, December 7, 2007


after rehearsal, eva and i went to amcorp mall for "shopping", but without money!
lol... what's the point?
just to waste our time lor... lol
and i saw another EVA, which is my EX-classmate(eva, u are now my ex-classmate already!!) in the mall...
it was funny cos 2 eva were beside me... haha...

i'm really tired today cos i didnt have much sleep these few days, as i have rehearsals and outings with friends everyday...
i'm worse than when i was sitting for spm! kao lat...
i slept in the ktm, while i was standing! man...
and while waiting for my mom to pick me up at the ktm station, i slept like a pig there for 1/2 an hour...
i need to take my bath n sleep now.
good night!


06.12.2007 -- times square

yesterday was crazy!
4 of us were not very sure the way to kl but we eventually drove to kl just on our own!!
we were crazy in the car and we had a lot of fun shopping together..
it was the best shopping ever!
luckily we found the way back...although we used the long way(not wrong way! haha..)
as soon as we got back, sj's dad brought the 4 of us to windmill for err, supper?
her dad ordered sea snail for us and it's nice and cheezy~(fattening!)
wow and we saw something cool...but i might want to keep it secret! =)

i'll never forget 06.12.2007 my friends!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

say BYE BYE to uniform!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

i hate u!!
u dumb!!


1 more subject to go! =)


Saturday, December 1, 2007

what a funny trip!

since my brother went to penang already, and my dad were not going to be free during weekends,
so my mom, my youngest brother and i went to genting highland without them.
we were there for 2 days and 1 night and it was really boring there!
we gotta stay at the first world hotel since all the other hotels were fully-booked,
gosh, the room was very small and dirty!
the television was also "super small" one..
and the worst was they don't have astro there! (only rtm1, rtm2,tv3, ntv7, 8tv and tv9)
i could only watch cartoons!
unlike highland hotel, they don't have toothbrush, hairdryer, cupboard, bathtub(lol..), and etc...
but their service was super good!

we waited for an hour to check-in to the hotel. omg.. luckily we went and had our "hi-tea" first!
i did not go anywhere for the first day as i was sleeping for the whole day(PIG!)
i was really tired and exhausted...

after our brunch, i went shopping alone at the first world hotel while my mom and brother went to highland hotel.
waa it was boring 'cos the shops there were really limited. i wanted to buy clothes but i ended up buying cosmetics and nail polishes. all the shops there jusco bukit raja also got lar! sien...

i want clothes, clothes, CLOTHES! =(

this looks nice, doesn't it? there were 3 of us and we couldn't even finish it! lol...cos very full already lar...we didn't mean to waste!

this vege salad looks delicious too! actually, tak sedap langsung!
and the mayo costs rm2 per packet. damn expensive.
it was really yucks and yeee!! not nice!
i felt like as i was eating grass! lol... so bitter! pui...

this is the pizza we tapau back.. haha

in the end... we only ate spagetti(forgot to take picture!) and ice-creams only! lol