Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i'm getting tired of these.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


there are so many things that cant be described by words
i really dunno wat should i do,
but i knew this is gonna happen
i knew it.

and i could do nothing.
i know, sometimes when things go wrong,
we tend to blame and accuse each other
it is just an excuse.




daddy n mummy,
i love you.


Friday, January 25, 2008

freshies' night... @.@

went pyramid with sheen n sy on wed... then i had my dinner with my family after the two of them went back home.
and i got the chance to watch peter choo's CNY roadshow at pyramid... it was performed by the same dancers which my frens n i went to watch during the last christmas at midvalley..
the show was great! and i really love their costumes very much.

and so, there's the freshies night @ sunway college last night.
i was there at about 6.05 and we waited downstairs until around 6.45..
when we were at the hall at the 4th floor, we could see there were many of them eating already..
and the food =.=" damn... left a little only...
not only that, if i'm not wrong, i only saw fried chicken and banana cake -.-

however, we did have fun among ourselves.
i was like screaming the whole night.. haha...
and eyo that gang really funny... with him around we can really have lotsa fun.. hehehe...


Sunday, January 20, 2008

body piercing

talking about body piercing...
do u think it's cool? or ugly?

body piercing has become so popular nowadays until so many parts of the body can be pierced.
ears, lips, nostrils, eyebrows, belly buttons, tongues and cheeks.
and these days they even have piercing on their nipples and genitalia!
these are some of the pics of body piercing.
some of the pics are really gross that i decided not to upload it here.

for those who are thinking of getting one,
u should make sure that the needle is clean n new, and the jewelry must be sterilized before piercing...
and not to forget that it is better to use stainless steel metal for piercings..
yeah and i heard that it is better not to swim in public pool before the piercing is healed cos we might get infected..
and oh yea, i didnt know that!
i went for swimming even after i got my belly and ears pierced! lol
luckily there was no any infection..
so guys, think carefully before u have your body pierced, b'cos u're gonna take the risks of getting infections, excessive bleeding, allergic reactions, dental damage(piercing on tongues), nerves damage and etc...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

take a look!

i just came across with this video... haha so funny wei!



just take a look at it!

and just look at this guy. he's that guy on the video!
i dunno how on earth did he manage to make himself parallel to the ground!
but i am definitely sure that they didnt rotate the pic...

give him a round of applaus everyone!

*clap clap clap....*



send my mom to one U this morning and it was already 10.05am. n i got class at 10.30am!
it actually doesnt take too much time from one U to sunway, the problem was that i wasnt quite sure about the way!
and then, yea! i made a wrong turn and i didnt know where was i... lol..

Kayu Ara

where's bandar sunway?? i couldnt even see any signs to pj /subang/sunway on the signboards...

yes... and then i was like "omg, i m gonna be late to class!"
and then i decided to make a U-turn in order to get back to the place where i dropped my mom..
but i actually went quite far already, haha...
and then i didnt know(and forgot) how the hell did i turn(i just cincai turn!), then i saw some familiar buildings and i knew i was on the right track... haha

i'm so lucky, man...and i reached college at about 10.25... haha... i was like, phew~~!
hou choi!!

okay, that's the end of the story.

oh yea, i got frightened just now when i saw some cockroaches(did i spell it correctly??) on my drawer where i put all my under-garments!
so damn freaking scary!
i dont actually scare of cockroaches(oh yea let's hope i spell it correct) and i've always seen cockroahes walking(cockroahes dont walk!) around in my room(oh yea i know it's not hygiene, but i just dont dare to kill 'em!!)

so wat should i do?? i dunno.
how am i gonna get all the cockroahes out of my room? i dunno.

omg... help me!

any suggestions??

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm in bad mood today!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

jusco bkt raja-midvalley megamall-sunway pyramid-one-day-trip

we were at jj, celebrating ks's birthday...
many of them are in ns camp now.. so...just the few of us only lor...
celebrate her birthday at kfc...
and sheen and i were like so noisy.. haha...

eyo took this pic of me! i think i look nice in this angle... hahahaaha....

since i don really like watcing movie... sheen, sy and i went and walked around at jj while the others went and watch movie lor...
and i bought a belly ring and 2 pairs of earrings! waa... the belly ring is the same price as the swim suit! hahaha... kao lat... but it's ok.. i got the membership card anyway! and i can enjoy 20% off next time! hehehe....
and oh no..i spent a lot of money today!! omg... elianto.... ur fault! lol..
after that, followed sheen to her grandma's house to have a... err... early dinner?? (it was only 5 something)
then i went to midvalley with her family...
really crazy lar having sheen with me...
making all the noise and laughing around... hahaha...
at 8 something, her dad dropped me at sunway pyramid b'cos my family was there...
my brother bought a lot of clothes leh!!
waa... then i was complaining...haha...cos it's unfair! walked the whole day and didnt manage to buy any clothes!
anyway after having dinner i did buy some clothes too... haha...
sheen!! the clothes in sunway pyramid is cheap and nice!!! hahahaha....

Friday, January 11, 2008

i've checked through all the papers these few days, but couldnt find the news about the accident...

i hope the girl is alright... really...

although i dont really pray... but hope god bless her...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

an accident

today i witnessed an accident..
it was so terrifying...
i was shivering and could not get of of the picture after that...
i was with my mom at kesas highway in the morning..
the car was at the fast lane(which is the first right lane)...and i couldnt recall wat model of the car was that... while my mom's car was at the left lane...
i remember i was talking to my mom when i saw the car suddenly turned and knocked the divider!
then i was like :"aah!!!!!!!!!!!"
then i thought it was just a small accident...
but it wasnt like that... the car turned up-side-down for at least 3 times and finally came to a rest with its bottom facing the sky!
i was screaming cos my mom's car was just behind the car...and i thought the car would bang onto our car!
luckily my mom heard me screaming and immediately slowed down the car...
after the car came to a rest..the door at the driver's seat opened and i saw the girl's handbag and her head... probably it's b'cos she was wearing seatbelt so she was stucked inside...
unfortunately, my mom was rushing to bank and i was going to be late for college, so we didnt manage to stop and help her... but i did see many of the kind-hearted went and helped her...
hope she's alright...
felt so sorry for her...
i swear i'll drive safely on the road!!
friends outside...please...please... drive carefully too...


Sunday, January 6, 2008

i hate making decisions! damn...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

sunway lagoon beach blast

reached sunway lagoon at 8. had a buffet dinner for about 2 hours.
2 hours to go before countdown-ing.
oh man, so boring! should have brought my dad's pda(so that at least i could play some stupid games, instead of just sitting there)
so, my brothers and i played with the sand near the "beach", trying to build a castle, but failed! haha... took some pics with bro and mom (dad's not around, he's at china).
my brother even got to know some new friends from finland! cool...
boring, boring, boring... we were damn bored!! everyone was like, sitting around and doing nothing.
and the live band was s*****!
i think the organizer should have organized more activities la, 5pm to 3am wor!!
what do u expect us to do there for so many hours??

took some pics while waiting for the clock to stirke 12.


my mom so cute... hahaha...

after the fireworks, we went back home. it was raining ...then suddenly i came across with an stupid idea, i suggested to wind down the window and wish the passers-by "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!"
so... my brother and i did!
haha.. thanks to those who smiled and wished us "happy new year too", and sorry to those who got frightened by us!
haha.. we were really crazy!
even the homeguard also stared at us with a frightened look and said : "... happy ...."
happy new year 2008, guys.