Saturday, January 19, 2008


send my mom to one U this morning and it was already 10.05am. n i got class at 10.30am!
it actually doesnt take too much time from one U to sunway, the problem was that i wasnt quite sure about the way!
and then, yea! i made a wrong turn and i didnt know where was i... lol..

Kayu Ara

where's bandar sunway?? i couldnt even see any signs to pj /subang/sunway on the signboards...

yes... and then i was like "omg, i m gonna be late to class!"
and then i decided to make a U-turn in order to get back to the place where i dropped my mom..
but i actually went quite far already, haha...
and then i didnt know(and forgot) how the hell did i turn(i just cincai turn!), then i saw some familiar buildings and i knew i was on the right track... haha

i'm so lucky, man...and i reached college at about 10.25... haha... i was like, phew~~!
hou choi!!

okay, that's the end of the story.

oh yea, i got frightened just now when i saw some cockroaches(did i spell it correctly??) on my drawer where i put all my under-garments!
so damn freaking scary!
i dont actually scare of cockroaches(oh yea let's hope i spell it correct) and i've always seen cockroahes walking(cockroahes dont walk!) around in my room(oh yea i know it's not hygiene, but i just dont dare to kill 'em!!)

so wat should i do?? i dunno.
how am i gonna get all the cockroahes out of my room? i dunno.

omg... help me!

any suggestions??


Flora said...

go get ridsect cockroach or something.. hhaha.. really have to clean that room of urs leh..

szelynn said...

i cleaned my room edi leh... but maybe the inside part cannot scary la...

DER said...

try to have a very very clean room.. dont ever ever eat in your room..
uhm.. if u manage to see them again.. get urself a bottle of listerine.. not for u. but for pouring on them.. they will die almost instantly xD