Friday, January 25, 2008

freshies' night... @.@

went pyramid with sheen n sy on wed... then i had my dinner with my family after the two of them went back home.
and i got the chance to watch peter choo's CNY roadshow at pyramid... it was performed by the same dancers which my frens n i went to watch during the last christmas at midvalley..
the show was great! and i really love their costumes very much.

and so, there's the freshies night @ sunway college last night.
i was there at about 6.05 and we waited downstairs until around 6.45..
when we were at the hall at the 4th floor, we could see there were many of them eating already..
and the food =.=" damn... left a little only...
not only that, if i'm not wrong, i only saw fried chicken and banana cake -.-

however, we did have fun among ourselves.
i was like screaming the whole night.. haha...
and eyo that gang really funny... with him around we can really have lotsa fun.. hehehe...


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