Tuesday, January 1, 2008

sunway lagoon beach blast

reached sunway lagoon at 8. had a buffet dinner for about 2 hours.
2 hours to go before countdown-ing.
oh man, so boring! should have brought my dad's pda(so that at least i could play some stupid games, instead of just sitting there)
so, my brothers and i played with the sand near the "beach", trying to build a castle, but failed! haha... took some pics with bro and mom (dad's not around, he's at china).
my brother even got to know some new friends from finland! cool...
boring, boring, boring... we were damn bored!! everyone was like, sitting around and doing nothing.
and the live band was s*****!
i think the organizer should have organized more activities la, 5pm to 3am wor!!
what do u expect us to do there for so many hours??

took some pics while waiting for the clock to stirke 12.


my mom so cute... hahaha...

after the fireworks, we went back home. it was raining ...then suddenly i came across with an stupid idea, i suggested to wind down the window and wish the passers-by "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!"
so... my brother and i did!
haha.. thanks to those who smiled and wished us "happy new year too", and sorry to those who got frightened by us!
haha.. we were really crazy!
even the homeguard also stared at us with a frightened look and said : "... happy ...."
happy new year 2008, guys.

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