Thursday, February 28, 2008

backstreet boys!!

for some reasons, i was given 5 free BSB concert tickets, yes, FIVE. and my family "put me aeroplane" in the last minute , so in the end i had 2 extra tickets...
wanted to give out the extra tickets also no one wants it... haha
so wasted lar..

hahaha... damn bad mood lor me during the BSB concert...
so crowded until everyone of us pushed n squeezed each other like roti canai..
hahaha and amy n i were poking and kicking some other people bcos they really tak bermoral lor, until myself also bcome tidak bermoral... hahahahaa
some of the people really freakingly think they are so thin enough to shake n dance as if they were in a disco pub like that, come on lar brother, we already no place to stand wei...
u makan ecstacy pill is it? rofl

we left sunway lagoon at about 10pm, cos i was really not in mood to listen anymore, i might as well just buy a cd n listen at home! lol, went there to just watch the screen... now i realised i'm not actually very tall... hahaha

went to 24-hour-A&W with amy and flora after that... i miss the rootbear+ice-cream !!
hahaha really great hanging out with them lor...



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