Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i cant think of any title lar!

went and watch cj7 at jj with vin yesterday.
it was not bad lor.. can still laugh..
but it is just so no logic... and got no point...
went to sheen's house today and i really enjoy spending our time together, whether it's shopping or just plainly TALKING.
i was at her house, and we were just talking and talking n talking non-stop for 4 hours. can u imagine?
we can really talk about everything, clothes, earrings, guys, make up, school.. EVERYTHING.
it is not that she's the only close fren of mine, i have other few close frens too, but they are just so busy that they don have time to let me kacau.. haha..
one's on ns, and one's working...others, i also dunno, lost contact already T__T

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