Friday, February 15, 2008


went all the way back to taiping again on thursday to celebrate valentine's with family.
haha.. just kidding. went back to taiping to "bai ti gong" which is the 8th night of cny.
i actually never went back to hometown every year to "bai ti gong" bcos of school. and so this year my dad insisted on us going back to taiping bcos he wanted us to see how they pray.
and yeah, this means that i'm gonna P my friday class! (for those who dunno, it means skip classes!!)
sob, i wanted to eat muffin! flora promised to do me muffin (not actually for me, haha for her valentine's!) and she said will bring it for me on friday..
no choice, gotta wait till next time lor!
and so we waited until 12am, adults were so busy preparing, while the kids were so busy playin n running around..
after the ceremony, we were told to crawl under the table.
what?? under the table? wat's that for?
to change ur bad luck into good luck! hahaha i dunno why is crawling under the table will change ur luck, it's just a tradition since long time ago...
after that, we got the chance to eat the pig! (opps, not pig, PORK!!)
ho chiak!
took a lot of pics after that
it has been a long time we did not take family photos!
me n daddy

family photo (why's everyone looking in different direction?)

the ng family~(only 2 girls!)

why's everyone looking at me? it's just a pamelo, i mean half of a pamelo

my hump, my hump, my hump (lol, mai ham, mai ham, mai ham....)
i hate siham!

the pig!! T.T kesian....

so tall! not the guy, i'm talking about the "kim chua"

open burning!

daddy crawling under the table!


the few of us(youngsters! hahahaha) went to limteh when it was about 2am..
before going out, my dad reminded me n my bro to go back early, and immediately i shouted "yeah EARLY in the morning!"

hahaha i did not actually mean it, just joking!
went to uncle's house after that bcos we didnt want to go back that early yet...(nowhere else to go!!)

and guess what?

we were there for the whole night and got back to grandma's house the next morning, 10am!
lol.. yeap it's EARLY in the morning!!
i didnt sleep for the whole night, u know! i mean some of us..
we are still young! it's okay not to sleep once in a while.. hahaha

we left grandma's house at about 11 bcos my brother was having his tuition class at 2.30 at klang.

and i was sleeping in the car for more than 3 hours.. sweet dreams~

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