Wednesday, March 5, 2008

another crazy malaysian-studies-class

hahaha yes today's AusMat NERD DAY.
we were supposed to dress like a nerd.
but our gang decided to not follow the theme because it would be super-duper weird+funny dressing like a nerd walking around the college!
and so we came out with our own theme color, and we all wore BLACK top today!

everyone was so excited posing for the camera..we were making a lot of noise taking photos at the cafeteria and we actually just ignore everyone of them who was looking at this bunch of crazy people making so much noise. haha

too bad amy was not around and flora went back early after the photo-session. lol..

and talking about my applics test today, basically i think it was quite an easy paper because i expected it to be really very difficult.
haha and question 1 was so easy until i double-checked or triple-checked my answer because i scare i tersalah tekan the calculator! (my nails too long!! lmao)

hopefully there will be no careless mistakes!!

a group of black-t-gangsters

super model look!

acting nerd....

why always that fingers??

gangsterz!! (i didnt know my camera got this kind of functions!! lol)

someone brought this pair of glasses... and we were all fighting for the glasses to act like a nerd!
do i look like a nerd? haha


there are more pics in kelly's camera.

will upload them when i get them! don miss it! hahaha


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