Sunday, March 2, 2008

farewell, ling!

today was really damn pek chek man.
farewell party for ling(my belly dance teacher) was supposed to be at 7, and i left the house at about 6.45pm.
yes, i know i was going to be late, but i expected i would only be late for 15 minutes.
and who knows, by the time i reached klang, it was already 8.15!!
i was like, wat the heck man... it usually only takes me half an hour from my house to klang and today it took me more than 1 and a 1/2 an hour plus!

this serious jamm that happened was totally unreasonable. because it doesnt have reason how this happen.
yes, no reason!
it started from the kampung jawa roundabout straight until bukit kemuning.
and today i realised that my driving skills actually very good, hahaha... i could squeezed my car into other ppl's lane, some more drove on the opposite lane to cut queue. omg, hahaha i know i was really tidak berhemah la, but no choice wor... the car couldnt even move!!

then i was stucked at the roundabout for 1/2 an hour, when i finally managed to cut queue from bukit kemuning until the roundabout.

when i was on the roundabout, i noticed that i was the only girl driving, and there was also another chinese guy. apart from that, the others were mostly indians and some malays.
lol, and guess wat?
we actually wined down the window and talked to each other, as in, we were actually keng-gai-ing!
hahaha... i keng-gai with one of the indian uncle leh...
and there were few indians n malays uncles went down from their car and controlled the traffic...
they were really helpful and i really salute them. although they talked very loudly n scolded some of the drivers, they actually just wanted to fix the situation so that everyone could reach their destination as soon as possible, right? with the help from those uncles, i finally succeeded to leave the roundabout.

i wonder why there was no chinese who were willing to offer help...

see(if u don have eye sight problem cos it's a bit blur), there were some indian uncles were instructing the traffic...(haha..sorry this pic is a bit blur, i was driving leh)

okay, back to topic.
my belly dance teacher, ling, will be leaving malaysia for shanghai with her boyfriend.
after being with her in belly classes for more than one year, all of us really hate the fact that she will not be able to teach us anymore.
she's such a nice teacher and i suppose she's the best belly dance teacher in klang!

we'll miss u. we'll always remember u, ling!
take care n see u!

look so alike!

they invited the "malaysian Cliff Richard" (uncles n aunties should know him)


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