Sunday, March 30, 2008

happie birthday~

today's my youngest brother's birthday.
i brought him to the secret recipe in the afternoon today and asked him to choose his birthday cake.

and ta~da~
he chose four flavors and we made it a round round birthday cake.

chocolate banana, chocolate indulgence, chocolate strawberry, chocolate chip walnut.

all chocolate.


everyone knows i love chocolate very much,

bought these from giant last night. so many types of chocolate!

but hey, not chocolate cake, not chocolate doughnut, not chocolate "i scream" for me k.
dunno why but i don't like these in chocolate although i am a total chocolate freak.

but secret recipe's chocolate cakes are tasty, it's just a bit too sweet lor.

and remember these?

dunno whether u guys eat this before or seen this before or not.
but they were my favourite and i used to eat them almost everyday when i was small.
haha i thought these are already not in the market until my brother found them in the giant last night only i know.

u see, they have two mini burgers, two hotdogs, one pizza and one packet of french fries.
and then u can have your cola after eating. hahaha

cute eh.

p/s: "i scream" means "ice-cream" created by jiali ahaha

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