Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i'm back to kwang hua!

haha... went to my school this evening to pick my bro..
he didnt answer my call, so i went to the kwang hua field to look for him.

i met siwah and her boyfriend at the "waiting area" when i was on my way to the field.
i also met a lot of juniors and everyone was so concerned about me... haha..

"where u studyin now?"
"what course are u taking?"
"how come u are still so fair de?"
"bla bla bla..." i also cant remember d.... lol

i love the feeling coming back to kwang hua...hoho...

i miss a lot of my frens, juniors, teachers... and also the school....

miss the time when i was in high school...
college is just so different!


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