Sunday, March 16, 2008


i'm kinda sleepy right now, lol. and i wonder wat the hell am i blogging here at this moment when i am supposed to go get some rest. and some more i'm now doing my assignments de leh.

opps... again again....

the Sultan behind was peeking at us, the dayang-dayangS!

talking about today's show at Concord Hotel, Shah Alam really like wtf man, so damn pek chek wei.
today was like dunno being scolded for how many times during rehearsal. so freaking scared of making mistakes until i felt like my heart was beating so fast and was like going to come out like that. some more got many many MANYYY butterflies in my stomach. hahaha

as a dancer, of cos i do not have stage freight fright when performing on stage.
but hey, i do have BACKSTAGE FREIGHT FRIGHT ok!! lol... i would be so nervous whenever i had to standby at the backstage imagining all the consequences i had to face if i made any wrong steps.

and i did dance wrong steps today anyway. :p

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