Sunday, March 23, 2008

my kuku

yes, you heard me.
my kuku.

not kukubird
not kukujiao

it's my kuku color.


my nail color la!
nail in bm is kuku wat. don think narrowly ok.

these are all my nail colors that i have. notice how many blue are there?
i just love blue so much! (that is why i call myself blueberylynn! after all i dont like blueberry ANY SINGLE BIT, got it?)

these are the kuku colors i bought today at "THE FACE SHOP".
the first 3 from the left are the nail colors(purple,dark blue and light blue)
and the pink one is nail strengthener(useful, to prevent my nails from breaking again!)
while the transparent blue is top coat.

next time i will have my own shop with the name

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