Sunday, March 23, 2008

purple box

went to green box at Aeon bukit tinggi today with the s4 gang to celebrate py and tha's brithday which on the 24th on 25th respectively.

seriously this was my second time at "COLOR box" in my entire life.
lol. the first time was at RED box and this time at GREEN box.
so funny la their name. why use color as their name?
hahaha and today i found out that actually these two boxes are under the same tauke one.
yes i am sorry to say that i am a bit outdated cos before this i thought that i would rather spend my time for shopping than singing in a "BOX".
and now i guess i am wrong!
singing in a "box" with a gang of crazy frens is really fun! hehe
at least it was fun to me.

and i guess i was the craziest one. jumping all around on the cushion and singing out loud like crazy ppl. i think i was even louder than those using mic.

and one thing, i really need to apologize to my frens that who really wanted to sing.
haha cos i was like singing so fast and didnt follow the rhythm one. and macam buat kacau more like singing. lmao.

this is the birthday cake from green box.

anyway, i had a wonderful outing today!
happy birthday to all march babies!



j i a l i said...

the cake got 3 banana slice~

szelynn said...

itu bukan banana...