Sunday, March 30, 2008

some updates

yeah i m getting lazy to update my blog d...
kkkkkkkk for those who keep asking me to update, so here it is!

okie, it was a normal college day which normally i will be driving to college everyday at about 9 something for my 10.30 class.
i didnt have enough sleep and was feeling so sleepy, as the night before i was doing my assignment (yes, u got it, last minute work!!) until 4.30am in the morning.

as u can see, my mood was already very de not good.
and while i was driving... i noticed a small lorry drove pass my tiny little wira. it got my attention cos the lorry was so near to my car and so i turned to my left and glanced at the driver lor.

at the second when i turned my head to my left and just glanced over at the driver, he turned to me and gave me a flying kiss.
wtf! i was so annoyed at the moment that i keep hitting my steering wheel and cursing all over.
i was like fu*k, wat the damn driver...
and then keep accelerating my wira and drove off.

wat a nice friday morning.

it was kwang hua's sport's day!
it's like a reunion for all ex-kwang hua students and i get to meet many of my ex-classmates and ex-schoolmates.

i was there at about 9.30am and when i was about to walk in to the school, i was told by one of my friends that i met outside the school gate that those wearing slippers are not allowed to go in to the school.

and again, i was cursing cos i came all the way from shah alam (which is half an hour away) and then u tell me to go home and change into a pair of shoes and then come again?!?
it's so ridiculous right?
so i decided to wait in my car until the dicipline teachers at the school gate left.

so i waited and waited...
then i curi-curi sneak in to the school when i saw the teachers were not around... hahaha.

i thought in my heart, wat the heck..before i graduated, i was so scared of the dicipline teachers, and now after graduating d, i m still so scared of them!

and guess wat.
in the evening, i was at subang giant with my family for some shopping when my brother told me,

"eh, i saw push eh.."

for those who doesnt know, cik push is our school's dicipline teacher.
lol. and dunno wat was in my mind, i dunno where i got the courage from, i went and say hi to her.
and she replied with,

"sorry, i cant recognize you."

hahaha of cos la..i was a good student in kwang hua of cos u dunno me la.

i m a good good student!!

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