Tuesday, March 18, 2008

siiii pai derrrr wickkkk

went to watch the movie SPIDERWICK at pyramid with vin yesterday.
the movie was a not-bad-movie lor...
but i thought the movie was gonna have something to do with spider or something.
mana tau the name spiderwick was a person's name which was actually a hundred-and-twenty-five-year-old-man that appeared only several times for the whole movie.
it was not bad la, at least i didn't fall asleep in the cinema. heheee

guess wat were we doing during today's malaysian studies class?
i was painting my frens' nails.
hahaha. sounds so crazy.
lecturer was talking in front and we were painting our nails???!
boring mah.
haha. i was so relieved, i mean i am so relieved now cos we dont have to do any presentation edi. just print it out and we will be given marks!

and we are gonna sit for malaysian studies exam next monday.
wat the heck lor, i dont even know a single thing from the text book or from the notes that the lecturer gave us.
so how?

be prepared to D.I.E.


j i a l i said...

leave comment la~~ ^^
painting ur fren's nails
means me???
i not yet rib off la
stil comparing which colour to take
i think u taken back the nail polish..

szelynn said...

not only u... i painted a lot of ppl's nails...
u la didnt take it back. just left it there so i took it home lo.. when u decided which color u want then tell me la
i'll bring it to college