Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5566 rider~

yesterday i was waiting for my dad at the foyer.
and then i was like thinking about something and stared at the ground for maybe few seconds or minutes without blinking.
and then one of the guard maybe got nothing to do and came and kacau me.
lol. no la, he walked towards me and shook his hand in front of my face to get my attention. when i looked at him he said "mengkhayal ar" and walked away.
i didnt even have enough time to respond he already walked away. what la....

actually today i wanted to attend my malaysian studies class but all of them were not going so i PONTENG lor... today was the last class for LAN leh... should have stayed back right.
anyway, i skipped my class and was going to drive down to klang for my dance class.
and then suddenly all the klang guys wanna tumpang my car so in the end there were 6 person in the car, including the driver, me lah.
my tiny little car was so heavy leh, lol

after sending amy home, we went to our dearest form teacher, mr lim's house to pay him a visit.
waa we are really good students wei.

haha actually we didnt intent to go to his house. it was because his house was just right opposite of amy's house and we saw his 5566 in the house so we supposed he was at home.
yeah he was. and he was actually sleeping. and his dog damn fierce eh.
his house is freaking so dirty some more.

although his dog is fierce, it is quite obedient and it listens to instructions.
hehee mr lim said it is better to teach a dog than teaching students like us.

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