Monday, April 28, 2008

fak ke fak ke fak ke!!

fak ke!!!!!!
today's dance performance for Sunway Sports Carnival was so SHIT!!

costume shit,
PA system lagi shit!

music until half way then suddenly no sound some more, luckily sze en was calm and steady and she continued dancing when the music stopped. so all of us follow her lor, she even hum the melody of the song for us to continue the dance.
hehe she's really calm wor.

in my heart i was like "wtf wtf wtf what the fuck!" although i was smiling to the audients. -.-"
stupid PA.. curse you!

and also, i was quite nervous when performing today and it's so different from the usual me cos usually when i m on the stage i forget about everything and just concentrate only on my dance.
i'm ok when performing outside or dance for some commersial shows, but i m definitely not okay when performing in front of people whom i know/friends.
nervous de leh!

*p/s: this is the first time i was so shame of my costume T_T hope no one recognizes me T_T


Flora said...

haha.. dun fa ke so much oo.. hehe

jiali said...

fa ke lorhhh!!!
really fa ke lorhhh!!!

szelynn said...


Gosu,Hasu,Kiasu said...

does fa ke actually means fucker... cuz,it's,sounds like brother flower

szelynn said...

brother flower?!?!