Friday, April 25, 2008

i almost got into an accident

wtf man.
i'm not blaming anyone but myself.
there were 4 of them in the car and if my AVEO and the VIOS really crashed my frens in the car would have get hurt.
i don want that to happen.

i'm not blaming anyone k.
i'm just blaming myself for not staying calm and i know i should have just stayed on my track instead of making a sudden turn.



Flora said...

drive carefully arrrrrr!!!!

szelynn said...

u also!! hahaha

jiali said...

all also la!!

Flora said...

haha.. all also laaa!!
how come u put skating de? want go skating izzit? lai we go together.. haha..

szelynn said...

hahaha lai lai go skating!! thursday want?? no more test liao!!
yaya all also need to becareful...

Gosu,Hasu,Kiasu said...

"stop playin wit the mentos!" *SCREAMS* TURN LEFT TURN LEFT! ~fiiiiieeeeeeettt~ ... correct?

szelynn said...

wrong... haha
should be "go down go down!!"