Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i burnt a fish!!

yes i burnt a fish yesterday.

i actually wanted to steam the fish, and while waiting for the fish to be steamed,
i went on reading blogs and surfing on the net until i forgot about the fish.

and ta~da~
the fish got burnt!

haha i actually didnt realize until my brother switched the fire off and complaining the whole house is full of smoke and the "chaoda" smell.

lol and i quickly went and have a look and found that the "white fish" had become "brown fish" edi.

hahaha. when my mom scolded me i still argued with her that the fish can still be eaten.
so she asked me to finish it off.

since i like eating fish so muchhhh, i some more cheered
"hooray!! i get to eat the whole fish today!!"

i was quite happy when i got to eat the whole fish since everytime i had to share the fish with my brothers one.

haha. and the minute i put the fish in my mouth, i was like
"yucks, what the heck. what smell is that?!"

i just don't know how to describe the taste.
the taste was so terrible as if i was swallowing ash. haha.

it was just so terrible horrible and very de vegetable. even the worst vegetable tastes better haha

so i forced myself to swallow it. @.@
first time eat until so kelian. T__T

Lesson learnt: Concentrate when you are doing something. Do not do many things at a time.


Gosu,Hasu,Kiasu said...

don burn anymore fish plz,they're categorised as adorable food,for me

szelynn said...

i love fish too...