Thursday, April 10, 2008


today's jazz class was the best class to me, cos we didnt really learn a lot of steps today.

instead we were more like having fun -.-

hehe. that was when teacher gave us 2 mins of break to let us have some rest or drinks, and them some of us eventually started something stupid.

jumping over a person.

lol it wasnt that stupid though, it was just, funny. FUNNY.

opps, failed. try again....

and she did jump over!

five, six, seven, eight, JUMP!


okay do one more time, jump nicer k.

opps. paiseh! bleh =P

hahaha it was really funny la cos when we first started everyone was like

"there's no way i can do this. i cant jump over! i m not gonna make it!!"

"no!! don't ask me to jump! i cannot!"

"i cannot i cannot!!"

and then when forced by our teacher, everyone had to do it. hahaha.
and eventually everyone did it. everyone succeeded =)
after trying for few times la.

kesian me and jason eh.
two of us take turns to let all of you jump over.

luckily my head still with me. haha.

and i did succeed jumping over jason, too.
although first few times ended up riding on jason's back cos jumped not high enough. haha like the girl in the last pic. jason kena ride again. hahaha.

after few attempts i finally succeeded jumping over jason, although jump until not very nice lar =)

everyone was laughing and screaming out loud during the "2 mins break" (actually we were playing for like almost half an hour and by the time we finish "playin" it was already the time to go home, hehe)

we'll practice again next week! it's quite fun and not that scary actually! =D

p/s: my camera doesnt have "antishock antishake" function. so the pics taken are blur. ;D


so it was in the afternoon when i was chatting with sheen on msn.
and dunno how we came up with this, we were actually talking about how many toes are there on chickens feet.

cos that time i was eating chicken's feet and i found out that the one i was eating has 6 toes on it.
and then when i told sheen about it she told me chicken should only have 3 toes on each of the foot.

and then i was like "yeah, last time when i was in form 1 drawing kampung life also draw chicken with 3 toes one."

"u draw 3 toes doenst mean chicken does have 3 toes -.-"

"but usually i eat i saw 5 toes wor?" i asked again.

someone please tell me chicken has how many toes please!
lol i really want to know wei.

haha and so out of curiosity, i went and googled.

sheen!! chicken has 4 toes k!!

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Gosu,Hasu,Kiasu said...

eeyer.. d chicken display kinda gross.. and jason sounded like kinda had a good time