Thursday, April 17, 2008

red red hair!!

last tuesday, there were five of us (jiali, laoban, sze en, tongtong and me) hanging around at pyramid. when we got there, we were looking around at the skating ring to look for flora. muahahaha. wanted to see her skate leh~~ too bad she wasnt there, she went back d.

so we had our lunch at Wendy's and then we were discussing whether McD is better or Wendy's.
okay, some said Wendy's burgers are fresher and tastier, some said McD is the best.
to me, it's better to stick to McD cos i eat McD since i was small!! hehe.

and somehow jiali said Wendy is Uncle McD's daughter cos their hair color are the same---RED!

did u notice that? haha. go and have a look when you are at pyramid.
in pyramid Wendy's and McD are neighbour.

okay for those who are lazy to go and find out, haha, here are the pictures of uncle McDonald and Wendy.

same hair color lmao.

after that we went and walk around and then dunno why we started talking AFRICAN LANGUAGE.

some people were just looking at this bunch of chinese-looking-teens talking in strange language that no one can understand.

we don't understand what we said, either. siao!
some more talk so loud and scared some of the people away. hahaha
with this bunch of people we just can't stop laughing man!

and after some lepaking, we went to JCO's doughnut and we saw him.

AZNIL. he's the famous and popular tv host in malaysia and he's an actor too.
i'm sure you guys know him if u watch tv3.
i guess he was having some interview at JCO's cos there were like so many people sitting with him! and i saw him doing some stupid stupid face.

man, i met an artiste wei!

lol and we went back to college for our club's meeting ater that and talked about some boring stuffs as well as got to know some new people there. and again we were laughing nonstop after we finished our meeting because of some stupid lame jokes.

and me and jiali were chasing over each other and running all over the SSD (student service department) like hell.

lol. i'm so gonna kill her if i caught her!
haha. hit her to death!


j i a l i said...

yorhhhhh!!!!!!! wana hit me meh???
come lorhh
we play again

szelynn said...

later your head pecah only know...

szelynn said...

later your head pecah only know...

szelynn said...

later your head pecah only know...

jiali said...

pecah pecah lorhh!!!
dont need to send so many same comment wan lorhhh!

Gosu,Hasu,Kiasu said...

d aroma of fresh caramel on corn~