Wednesday, April 30, 2008

mixy mix

i was quite impressed since i started college.
it's because i was in chinese school since i was in standard 1 till form 5, i didnt really get to meet people of different races, i mean i have few malay and indian and also chindian friends, but it's just not many of them u know.

until i got to college, i find there are so many different people from different countries, even in the course i'm currently in which are mostly malaysians consists of people of different races.
many of them are mix some more.

and we often discussed about those who have mix blood cos they look pretty and dunno why their features just stand out.


i have a friend who is a mix of chinese and indian,
which normally we call CHINDIAN. i know her for more than 2 years and we are quite close. she's really nice and woohooo~ she has nice features..

damn i look so damn WHITE in this pic. i don't look fair, i look white! -.-"
oh tha tha i miss u hahahaha

and some of them are a mix of malay and indian, which is really rare.
i'd call them Inlay? or Madian?
hahaha weird names..

and there are also some of them a mix of chinese and malay and i would wanna call them Manese.
hahaha MANISnya...

and then i've always been talkin about the mix who have pretty and gorgeous features and we admire them so much till we always discussed about the advantages being a mix-blooded all the time.

and then one day i came up with

"those people who have mix blood always have nice features hor.."

"yea yea they are so pretty.."

"yea pretty! i'm actually also a mix too."

"hokkien mix hakka."

lmao i'm a mix ok


Flora said...

lol.. haha.. u also got nice features what.. eh i same race with u lor like that.. my dad hakka my mom hokkien... HAHAHA..

szelynn said...

eh u also mix ar?? hahaha