Thursday, April 3, 2008

pek chek day~


don't spread my nude pic all over the internet k!
i don't want to be famous because of scandals.

here's a pic with clothes one.

not naked anymore!

i mean my nails.

love this colour so much, haha.
painted this when i was bored of studying econs last night.


and so, back to today's topic.
i was supposed to be at college at 9 (or earlier) because i had econs paper this morning.
so i left my house at 8 lor.
i knew it was going to be a bit jamm so i left my house earlier lor.
yesterday morning i left my house at 8.15 but can also reach college on time ma.

i just don't understand how the hell i could be late this morning.

ok, here's how it went.

i reached sunway roughly about 8.55 after encountering jamm at the kesas highway and i thought "late a bit nvm la" and then started to speed up.
and when i reached the junction to the entrance to college, there was an accident.
should be many accidents only correct.

haha cos it involved a few vehicles and i saw 3 or 4 vehicles already crashed together macam roti canai. haha

humans are kepo (busy-body) right?
and that was why i was stucked there because everyone slowed down to watch.

and when i finally managed to drive in to the college and was about to look for a place for me to park my car, the guard said "soree miss hari ni pagi pagi udah penoh lah!"

"pagi pagi? skrg bukan pagi meh?" of course i didnt say it out. haha
so i had to go to the side door of the college to park my car lor.

and yeah~ had to pass by the crowd again. (tired of traffic jamm!)
when i finally found a place to park (actually i parked my car illegally cos no parking lar, luckily didnt kena cramped) i ran all the way to the college and climbed up to the 3rd floor to look for room number 3.11.

and i found out there's only room 311 but not 3.11 !!

so i went and ask a A-level lecturer about the location of the room.

"oh, it should be at the other block, the monash block there."

"how do i get there? can go there through the library right?"

"no no no, you have to go down and then go to the cafeteria. and get a lift to the 3rd floor, it should be around there."

"okie thanks a lot!"

*p/s: after that when i asked my friends, they told me i could actually go through the library's back door and get to the other block. the lecturer made me climb so many stairs -.-" good one.

ok, wat the heck, when the god of bad luck is with you, that's it. so i ran down to the ground floor and ran to the cafeteria and again ran up to the 3rd floor of monash block looking for the stupid room number 3.11.

and asked another lecturer (she also dunno where the room is, but thanks anyway)
and i finally found the room.

when i looked in, OMG WTF!!
there were like 200 ppl inside doing their paper already!! (actually not that many ppl lar)

i quickly ran to the end of the room (after all the runnings i felt like the room had a length of 100metre, run so fast also cannot run finish one plus more than hundred pairs of eyes looking at me)
and quickly find a seat.

and while gasping for air, air AIR.
i looked at the clock, which was 100 metre away hanging on the white board,
OMG it's 9.20am!

yeah so i was late for my exam this morning.
20 minutes late.


j i a l i said...

so pity u la!!
next time leave ur house earlier la!!
summore exam time!!

szelynn said...

very early d leh!!!

Flora said...

jiali reach school at 7am wan leh.. i dunno how she can go so early... =.=

szelynn said...

7 am??
wat time she woke up??