Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunway Pyramid my second home

friday was the last day of the CAREER EXPLORATION WEEK thing and we had a 3-hour talk by 2 speakers.

the first speaker was really funny and he made us laugh throughout the talk. so i didnt fall asleep although i had only slept for 4 hours the night before. and hey, u know who he is??
joel neoh wei!

he's really a cute guy. wahahaha.
supermodel some more.
and guess he's been really a successful person and that's why he was there giving us a talk on Entrepreneurship.
admire him leh.

and the other talk was about time management and stuffs.
so we were required to list out how many hours we spend on each activities in a week.

so this is my list:

Classes ------ ---------------------------21
Studying ------ --------------------------0
Sleeping --------------------------------55 (lol)
Exercise/Sports ------------------------4
Part-time work -------------------------0
Family commitments -------------------4
Personal care/grooming ----------------9
Meal preparation/eating------- --------14
Transportation/travel -----------------10 (yes, i spend a lot of time in the car, travel around selangor -.-")
Relaxation/leisure: TV, Internet -------35 (blogging comes under relaxation??)
Socialising/friends ----------------------6
Others ---------------------------------0

so the total hours in my list will be 158 hours and yes, i know there are 168 hours a week. so probably the remaining hours will be my free time, or maybe i just plainly day dream for 10 hours a week. omg that's a lot man.

after the talk we were served with lunch in the college. after i had my nasi lemak, i went down to klang to pick my bro from school while the others went for Sakae Sushi at pyramid.
so meet up with them after sending my bro home and we walked around and shopped.
bought a lot of clothes and walked till my feet sakit as i was wearing high heels. haha.

luckily flora left early. or else she would have spent more because she has a friend who's good in persuading people to spend money. hahahaha. that's me!
so who else out there who has got too much money and dunno how to spend it, just give me a call yah!

and i went to pyramid again for a movie with dj today.
let's count and see, tuesday pyramid, thursday pyramid, friday pyramid, saturday pyramid, again. OMG...
but i still love pyramid if u ask me. =)

the movie i watched today was "street king" if i am not mistaken.
i didnt really enjoy the movie cos i cant really understand the plot and the characters.
i'm a noob maybe ;D
and there was so much killing and blood everywhere. all i did was concentrating on my popcorns XD lol. too violent man, although i'm violent, too. muahahahaha
and in the end, everyone dies in the movie after all the killings and shootings.

p/s: i feel like i'm from a rural kampung la, never sit VIOS before -.-"
VIOS is like so high-tech man. @@


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Gosu,Hasu,Kiasu said...

kampung~~ hail kampung hail kampung!! depite u alwaz hangout in pyra,i nvr seen u there even once b4