Friday, April 18, 2008

twinkle twinkle little star.....

so this week is AusMat's CAREER EXPLORATION WEEK.
and hooray~ no classes on wed to fri.

on wed, we had some talks on each industry like medical talk, IT talk, business and law talk, and also Communication talk by some pro pro people. *.*
so being an art stream student (yeah i dropped all of my science subs after spm, muahahahaha) i would surely attend the business and law talk.
so i did.
it was kinda boring cos most of them talked about their experience instead of giving us more informations and a better understanding on each industry.

and since i had got nothing to do in the afternoon i attended the other talk on creative and communication after we had our lunch at station one. (ooooo i met a friend whom i have never met him for few years already @@)
this talk was better than the previous one cos it wasnt that boring.
the speakers prepared some powerpoint so we werent that bored cos at least we had something to watch.

and on thursday, we went for a trip to The Star Publication at Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.
so we get to know about the history of The Star and how did it started off. we also get to know how printings are done in order to print images like what we see in the newspaper everyday.
it was quite an interesting and educational trip but most of the time i was yawning cos i couldnt really hear what the speaker was sayin. his voice so soft lah!

and today only i know THE STAR actually stands for
Surat Tunku Abdul Rahman!!
lol, they said it's just a rumour and it's not true. hehe but so coincident leh.

so we were there for about 1 and a half an hour plus and then we got back to college.
the bus driver likes making one big round when there was actually shorter and faster way to reach. some more he likes paying toll one -.-"

uncle driver, the shorter and faster way doesnt have to passby toll one, why do u wanna use that longer way?? -.-"

in the bus. sze en and flora~

and then went to pyramid again today with doris, sze en, adam and aisyah (cant really remember her name) cos we were actually supposed to start practising dance but since doris didnt have any "inspiration" so we went to pyramid for fried chicken. lol.
i'm going to pyramid so often man.

makan ing fried chicken.


j i a l i said...

should have gone there with u guys
my bank negara malaysia so stupid
and boring lorhhhhhhhhh!!!!

szelynn said...

the star not that fun also... hahaha at least not sit there and listen only... we could walk around...

Gosu,Hasu,Kiasu said...

hmm i was on my bed whole day that day.. am i getting popcorns actually?

szelynn said...

yay u owe me 1 box!