Saturday, April 5, 2008

wahahahahaaa i am happy!

woohoo~ it's holiday!!!

so many things to be done during this holiday eh.

-clean my room (maybe??)
-study for my applics exam
-shopping shopping and SHOPPING (dont think so cos i m now so broke, ish)
-update my facebook?? i still dunno how to use facebook duh
-do some revision on the other subjects cos i seriously did very badly for this exam
-get back some sleep
-enjoy my one-week-break??

-and... and...
a lot laa...

lol. so today went to pyramid with the "gang" in the afternoon (or maybe it's considered evening d), partly to meet sin who's back from the ns camp for a qing-ming-4-days-break and another part, to celebrate my birthday maybe?


yeah we did have lotsa fun although it was just for a few hours.

everytime hang out with this bunch of people i sure forget to take photos one. -.-
talk non-stop!!

i love this pair of heels very much!!
i know my feet tak cantik, but this pair is really super-duper cantik k? to me la.
my friends bought this for me as my birthday present.
hahaha nice---expensive though.

thanks and i love u girlssss! muackssssssssssssssssssssssss


huisin said...

Haha i love da heels too lar...
hehe im going back tomorrow.... take care lo...~ muacksz >3<

Gosu,Hasu,Kiasu said...

take a break 1st