Friday, April 4, 2008

yellow box!!!

finally i finished my exam!

hehehee although i didn't really study much... but i am still very happy cos i will have one-week break next week!!

who wanna jio me go anywhere give me a call!!

(only if i got transport laa =P)

so after my exam i went to subang ktm station to pick my cousin, and then headed to my house to pick my youngest brother and finally to klang to pick my another-younger-brother from his tuition.

the whole journey took me 2 hours when i finally reached sunway pyramid.


so we went to redbox today and here are some of the pics taken just now.

no fighting k!

like that only guai ma... be friends... no fighting... good boys...

me, my fingers and my brother's fingers

me and my fingers again. -.-

finally a normal pic! so hard to get a normal pic of me...

fake smile!!

this one better, handsome!

one busy singing, one busy eating, one dunno doing wat(posing for the camera =D)
and one busy taking photos.

Bernard, u don't look handsome when you are singing.. hahahaa macam very sad de... or u acting sad? don't frown then u look handsome! =D

and me!

p/s: my hobao (purse) is bleeding!
keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding money.


doki doki said...

ive nvr encountered female frens who goes 2 singin k wit brothers @@"

szelynn said...

hahaha i am the one!!