Sunday, May 11, 2008

the 101th post

sometimes i wonder, when people say "friends forever", do they really mean it?

i mean i have never believed in the word FOREVER, because as we grow older, we go through many stages of life, we tend to forget our old friends.
even if we dont, we tend to neglect our old friends because we already have new friends with us.

friends will leave gradually, one by one, as we move on to the next stage of life, because all of us have different dreams. friends will not be with u ANYMORE when your dream is not the same as theirs. everyone has to go for their dreams right?
everyone has to move on in their life, studies, boyfriends, career, money, etc...
we cant blame friends for not being with u all the time. yea, we cant. everyone has their own life.

i was a bit upset because some of the friends that i used to hang out with were not as close as we used to be anymore. they have their own new friends and i have my own new friends as well.
all of us seem to walk on our own path.
but after a while, i understood, this is LIFE. i cant do anything, all i can do now is to appreciate everything i have. yes, appreciate all my friends that i have. =)

i know i neglected some of my friends sometimes. forgive me k?
but hey, i still love all of my friends. new and old. =)


Gosu,Hasu,Kiasu said...

im dying now,but still i'll drop a comment...frens,wat's happenin 2 u,happened to me b4,again n again,and...let's just say its a part of growin up

huisin said...

I've nothing much to say...
Jz wanna let u know,
I'm still here~ =)