Sunday, May 25, 2008


yes, big girls dont cry.

but when i grow older, i tend to cry even much as compared to when i was younger.

to me, crying is just showin ppl that you are weak, you are a noob. therefore i dont really cry in the public. i dont want my family and friends to worry about me.

however this situation that i'm currently facing made me wanna cry every single day.

but i hold my tears all the time because i have to be strong, i dont want my family to worry and feel even sadder.

that day, after holding the tears for few hours, i finally teared when i was driving alone. i just couldnt control my tears...

i really need a shoulder to cry on, but i know at the moment i have to be strong.

and yes i still have a lot of friends who support and encourage me. i know that. thanks to those who sms'ed me. love all of you. >.<>

to all my friends, i'll stop blogging for a period of time and i'll only be back when everything is settled.

till then, wish me luck yea.

i'll really miss u guys. T_T


1 comment:

huisin said...

Yes i know u need a shoulder 2 cry on, i can feel your helpless... yes i really do...
u're a tough girl, i know...
v will b waiting for u here...