Saturday, May 3, 2008


ok i'm so sorry that my previous entry was so rude cos i was really mad and frustrated.
and met up with the gang today and told them about it. they said i'm too kind, i shouldnt've gone down to the office to look for the "ketua". i should've asked the guard to call the "ketua" come and see me! lol. and they said i should ask them to apologize because they shouldnt accuse people like that. the way they talk was like 100% confirmed i was the one who bang other's car!
pls confirm and check edi only come and accuse me lar. idiot.

anyway i'm gonna write about something happy now. hehe btw this is gonna be a long long post as i'm lazy to divide them into few entries. haha

yesterday was labor day and i felt that we should celebrate, cos it's public holiday! haha
so we planned to meet up at pyramid and when i was on my way there, one of them called up and told me that sunway pyramid's car park was already full, and there was also a heavy jam outside pyramid.
so they decided to go mentari court McDonald's as they are having promotion for the sundae ice-cream every 1st day of the month.
woohoo~ it only cost us about rm2.70 for 5 sundaes~

then talked a lot of lame jokes like usual and making noise till the whole McD was only our voice.
haha then we decided to drive to pyramid after that and there were really a lot of people in pyramid.
encounter traffic jam not only outside, but also inside the basement car park.

and was loitering there for about one hour plus and then i had to leave for my rehearsal in klang.
was at pyramid for an hour plus and the parking fees was so damn expensive man.

these 3 exchanged their slippers and walked around in pyramid -.-"

reached klang a bit late but found out that many of them had not reached so the 4 of us went to klang parade and walk walk lor.

and i told them about the McD's promotion and they were excited about it so again i went for my second round of sundae~

we had been practising dance for about 3 hours plus and i was like sweating non-stop. (not that kinda sweat when u kena bomb by someone~.~)

we are currently preparing for a dance concert for our studio which will be held at KEC this coming june 8.
i'm pretty sure this concert will be really great as all of us have put a lot of effort into it.

and just see what happen to me knees again -.-"

these are the tickets for the concert. although it is quite expensive (50 bucks per ticket), i feel that it is worth it as we really have put a lot of effort into this concert.

hi tea will also be served as well~

whoever is interested can get the tickets from me. i'm involved in this concert lorh!

yea as what i know, this concert consists of various dances, mainly ballet, and there will be new jazz, belly dancing, latin and maybe other dances.
we also have a dance musical which has storyline and involve more acting.
it's interesting so if anyone is interested just let me know ya.


went to pyramid today our after class since didnt get to shop much yesterday. it was too crowded and i wasnt in good mood. at least today was better, not too many ppl although it's friday.

i was concentrating on my food at Sakae Sushi. i didnt have my dinner night before and i skipped my breakfast too this morning. nothing to eat at home.
i was so damn hungry until i didnt even reply whoever was talking to me. haha

thanks! my nostril is not that ithcy d..

group photo..

the boss and err... why your face like that jiali!?

finally full attendance today~! everyone was here. thanks to boss who had to be the photographer. hehe

after a few hours of walking with high heels, it's time to let my feet to relax! hen shuang ar~

bought popcorns and eating at A&W. popcorns + rootbear and u get?? lol no idea.

when i first said that i wanted popcorns everyone was laughing at me. no one would ever buy popcorns without watching movie! lmao.
and then i bought a large one and everyone was saying
"how the hell are u going to finish this one big box?!"
and then started eating my popcorns.

heck! it's mine wei!
then the one large box of popcorns was finished after a while by this EATING MACHINE (me myself) and i felt not satisfied yet because i wanted to eat one whole big box alone!!

hahaha so i went and bought another box. again, i was laughed by everyone. and when i asked whether to buy a large one or a regular one, they asked me to get a regular one.
okay lor, regular box of popcorns for myself! yay~! i was happy!

and then the moment i held the box of popcorns in my hands, tongtong started grabbing my popcorns. hahaha
after finishing the 2nd box i still dont feel satisfied!



Gosu,Hasu,Kiasu said...

hohoho im in bad mood all d way till now,8.10am in d mornin...u look very pleasant in d white top,in ur pyra trip,kinda focusin on tat fer d whole post...can i get ticket from u,n pay less,for hi tea ny,not interested in d dance,look super kelian wit d bruises on ur legs tho,wat kinda makeup u apply for d effect?...n wanna 1on1 zek chau popcorn?

Flora said...

haha.. ms pop corn xiao jie~~~ eat so much.. kia si lang leh.. lol

szelynn said...

kido: wat white top? i was wearing black~ u color blind? lol
and what's zek chau??

flora: wat oooo... u all la... keep eating my popcorns~~ hahahha

miss popcorn xiao jie~ i'm AVEO gong zu~~