Wednesday, June 25, 2008

movies movies and movies!!

i have watched the most movies in my entire life this month!

wait wait, let me count.....

-indiana jones
-someone behind you
-the happening
-kungfu panda (cantonese version)
-made of honour

waa tamade... i have never watched so many movies in a month before, not even in a year!

and i have a lot lot more movies that i want to watch!!

-get smart
-run fat boy run
-kungfu panda (english version)
-the mummy 3
-war of the dragons
-journey to the center of the earth
-red cliff
-the dark knight

omgwtfbbq... can u just imagine how much money i am going to spend on movies??
oh gosh i cant live in this world without money woi!

popcorns anyone??

1 comment:

Claudel said...

There you go, just click and watch, no money, no downloads req. hf