Tuesday, July 1, 2008

dont laugh at me please~

and dont honk me please~~
i havent been driving manually for almost a year d kay!!
i know, i know,
i mati engine many times,
but please forgive me!! hahahaa..

and i got my phone back d guys!!
too bad i lost my phone charger so i will not be able to use these few days.. gonna buy a new charger soon!!
u guys can start calling and kacau me already!

and.. and....
i finally got my own car!
it's a wira, an auto one! (my uncle lent it to me actually, hooray)
i can drive here and there d~

* i'm now no more an AVEO gong zu anymore *

and... and..... and....

i'm going to REDANG next week!!
u hear it??!
REDANG woi!!
i've been wanting to go redang since long long time ago!!
wooah so damn excited man!!

1 comment:

meswamy said...

u got a nice style

keep it up !!!