Monday, July 14, 2008

getting tanned??

want to blog about the redang trip, but dunno where to start from!
too many pictures la..

oh yea and i've become darker after coming back from redang!
sunblock doesnt help >.< (should ask my dear beloved cousin brother to use his huge body to block the sunlight for me, the SUNBLOCKER hahahaas =P )

any whitening tips to share with me, anyone??

puhleaseeee~~although tan is nice, still i want to be as fair as before.... @@

and oh, i think i need to work out on gym or some sports man, i'm getting fatter and fatter, tiu!!

havent been dancing or even swimming for almost two freaking months!
can you just imagine that?!
sleeping, playing and eating non-stop and not doing any exercise for 2 months wei!!

and my face has become as big as a BUN ! wtf!

aaaa... really needa lose weight d....


c86k said...
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c86k said...

no matter how tan r u, i m stil loving U..