Thursday, September 18, 2008


I hate this place I hate this place I hate this place very very very very much!!!!!!!!
I hate everything in this place! I wanna go back to my own house. My own house. Where I used to have my family with me. Damn
And I hate my college! It sucks.
I hate everything.
I wanna go back to Sunway >.<

I would go to the balcony whenever I feel emo. I thought I could calm myself down and feel happier that way but I always end up getting more and more emo. That kinda feeling really suck cause a lot of negative thoughts would get into my mind. And there's no one I could share with. Then I would feel like shouting out loud to the air or crying. lol I'm cryin too much these days wtfbbq.
Ahh probably I'm thinking too much. Things probably are not what I think they are. They are much more simpler than I thought perhaps.
ShuuuShuuu all negative thoughts go away~
I need someone to motivate me! I'm getting worse day by day...

And goddamnit all my pictures are gone when I transferred them to my laptop from my pendrive! I had already deleted everything in my pendrive and I got no any backups. Shit man
All my secondary school photos, graduation photos, college photos and best friends photos are gone!! Gone. wtf

*p/s: I reaaalllly miss dancing so much!! Feel so rusty now and damn it I've gained weight because of that! I would feel the pain whenever I see people dance. Dancing is my passion. T.T AAAAhhhhh I wanna go home!!! I want everything to go back to normal. puhleaseeee?


c86k said...

try to suit yourself with a new compound..
and cheer up a little bit la..
i know u r an optimistic girl..

szelynn said...

i try to cheer myself up all the time hahahaa and i am okay with the new environment but still, i wanna go home!!! lol

~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

sze lynn i am not okay with this college weih
i am so not okay
you neo
college students are supposed to be enjoying their college life
they will feel happy studying and fooling around in their college
but NO! We skip classes everyweek. and I am happy skipping coz I feel better when I am not around in that college. I hate it i hate it
i hate studying
i hate my life

szelynn said...

hahaha same feeling!!
every morning when i wake up i dont feel like going to college, because i hate this college very much!
dont have the motivation to wake myself up to attend classes!

you know when i was still in sunway, i rarely skip classes! because i enjoy studyin there, and there were a lot of fun! unlike our stupid college!!

lol howhowhow there are 2 years more for us!! how

~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

go college and make out with me la... hehehe.. it's an antidote to boredom!!!!!!

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