Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm happy cos there are still good people in this world

It was raining heavily when I was in my car waiting for my friend. And then there was this guy who just parked his car beside mine and came down with his umbrella. He saw me looking at him and he thought I wanted to borrow his umbrella and offered to lend me his umbrella. He's such a kind guy! How sweet of him.
This gives me hope for the world because there are still many kind and good people out there. Hooray

Round of applause for him~


~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

yea there are still so many kind people in this world thats why the end of the world is still far away from us.
God wants these good people to bring message to the other people around them:) hahaha

szelynn said...

haha yea you right the world is not gonna end that soon!

god bless him for being so kind =)

~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

yea God bless me too coz i think I am kind hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha
sorry you neo sometimes it's okay to make cool joke you neo