Thursday, September 11, 2008

wtf my right hand cacat d >.<

I accidentally knocked my right hand on the ceiling fan when it was spinning.
Spinning spinning spinning!!!!

Yes you did not hear me wrong it was really spinning, with the speed of 2 (luckily it wasn't any more than that, phew...)

You must be thinking, what the shit?? Why the hell did you go and touch the ceiling fan when it was spinning??!

I didn't touch the fan.
It's just because my bed is like super-duper near the fan okay because my bed is a double-deck one.
So at that momment I was really in pain and now the back of my hand (or in more scientific term it's called opisthenar) is a bit swollen already.
It's damn painful when I try to move my small finger so I decided to use more of my left hand.
haha even now I'm just typin with one hand only.
Feel so cacat now la lol

Ahh hopefully nothing serious with my right hand!
I still need to cut fruits for my business assignment next week!!
Hope my hand get better soon lol

1 comment:

c86k said...

aiya, how come u so careless..
because i was not beside u?

u better take it serious, temporary dont play with your right hand now..

n hope u recover soon..

so that i can grab your right hand whenever we go dating next time..