Tuesday, October 28, 2008

come on, who's afraid of needles?

Life has been great lately. I occupied myself with loads of stuffs so that I won't have time to think about shits and feel emo about it. yea yea I haven't been to the balcony for weeks! hooray

I have always wanted to donate blood but because blood donors have to be at least 18 and above so I wasn't able to donate. >.<>.<

measuring my blood pressure... I don't know what the heck I was laughing at...

Those who studied bio in form 5 should know this because we did the experiment before =) This lady poked a hole at my middle finger to get some blood to check my blood type.
Heck! I'm already 18 and I don't even know my own blood type! ha. Sorry Cik Noretna (my bio teacher >.<) I ponteng your class so I didnt do that experiment =(

Hey but I know she's happy cos I got a B for bio in spm cause I failed a lot in form 4 and form 5. hahaha I wanted to drop that subject but she didnt allow! Luckily I didnt.

This lady had a hard time seacrhing for my blood vessels cause she said she couldn't find the thickest vessels. Finally she had decided to do it on my left arm. phew (look at my face tryin to laugh to make myself less nervous lol)

See how nervous was I till I crossed my toes when I was anaethesized.
hahaha. The blanket was too short for my long legs! =P

I didn't even wanna look at it I turned my face away. Scary

So scary when I saw this pic

Hey this is not ribbena k

yay finally it has over!

haha. I'm happy I did it and I will still go for the second time. Donating blood is good cause it saves lives!

And don't ever think that you have a common blood type or there are always a lot of people out there who donate blood so you don't need to donate anymore.
If you think so, then you are wrong.
Cause there are people who needs blood all the time so there are always shortage of blood in the hospitals. That is why regular blood donations are always needed.

So go give it a try cause there are a lot of health benefits by donating blood apart from saving lives.


c86k said...

u are brave..
u are braver than some of the guy..
u are the bravest cause after donate still can play for the whole day..

szelynn said...

lol i m not brave but i m powerful! cos i went out the whole day after the donation and didnt even rest lol

huisin said...

xp really brave lar you. btw what's yr blood type ar?

szelynn said...

yeayea i m proud to announce that my blood type is B+!! hahahaah 18 yr old edi only know my own blood type.. lol