Monday, October 13, 2008


Went to KFc with Cat this evening. We were planning to study cause finals are like one month away and we have not started studyin yet. OMG and every time in class we were like talking and talking and sleeping only.

I don't even know anything about marketing and business. Gonna die in finals soon. hahha

But we ended up talking about guys, love, family and our future. lol
I seriously dont feel like studyin that thick textbook!! and there are 3 other thick books man. gosh...

How can I make it in 1 month? Tell me...

See this ghost so hardworking writing something... not studyin at all also... When are you gonna be good and start studyin?! har?

While me... was camwhoring with her new phone... hahhaha damn it

Conclusion: I think I'm the last-minute-only-study type ekeke


~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

whao my face!

c86k said...

Lynn Lynn~
pretty look~
and strive harder in your exam~