Saturday, October 25, 2008

yay I got a new phone!

Finally I got my lappie back after 3 weeks of waiting!
Don't know what's wrong with my lappie 3 weeks back, it keep on restarting on its own and many of the programs couldn't be used and it was really really lag and slow loading files. I thought it was attacked by virus but when I scanned using Kaspersky no virus was found.

Wth dunno what's wrong so someone promised to fix it for me but my lappie was totally untouched after 2 weeks

So this guy seeing me so kesian so he offered to fix it for me, and thanks to him it was fixed in just a day!
And he installed a few of useful programs for me, which I totally have no idea what are the programs for hahahaha okay okay I admit I'm a noob =(

And oh yeah~
My dad gave me a new phone, which is N81!! oh yeah baybeh~ I love it I love it~

But hey I thought I just said I'm a noob?? yea yea I'm a noob.... sob.
I really have some problems dealing with "too pro" de phone =(
Gotta learn how to use it by reading the manual zzz
Tell me where got time to study!!!??

hahaha wtf what a lousy excuse to not study for finals. aaaaaaaaaaa