Monday, September 29, 2008

Wanna lose weight?

Yay I'm really happy today =)

hehehe Catherine and I are now Celebrity Fitness's members and we went for some work out today.
That was so so so so tired man. I've never been to the gym cos I didn't know how to use the equipments correctly and with correct postures. We are given two personal training sessions after signing up at CF and that gives us some idea of how to use some of the equipments. hehehe Cat and I made a really quick decision of signing up at CF and luckily we have no regrets after paying that amount of money. lol we really like the facilities and the atmosphere there.

And I'm so gonna work out really often to lose some weight and tone up my body. And hey I finally get to dance again after so many months! That's my main point of signing up at CF!!

happy happy happy

guess which is mine ekekeke (can you see that gold bird bird at the corner)

ShuLing has already transferred to other college. lol see I told ya that my college sucks

*wtf we didn't study for our coming accounts test which is on this friday and ended up talkin at the coffee beans. lol so many amolang le.
And thanks Cat for the ice blended white chocolate dream! =)

I'm happy cos there are still good people in this world

It was raining heavily when I was in my car waiting for my friend. And then there was this guy who just parked his car beside mine and came down with his umbrella. He saw me looking at him and he thought I wanted to borrow his umbrella and offered to lend me his umbrella. He's such a kind guy! How sweet of him.
This gives me hope for the world because there are still many kind and good people out there. Hooray

Round of applause for him~

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I hate this place I hate this place I hate this place very very very very much!!!!!!!!
I hate everything in this place! I wanna go back to my own house. My own house. Where I used to have my family with me. Damn
And I hate my college! It sucks.
I hate everything.
I wanna go back to Sunway >.<

I would go to the balcony whenever I feel emo. I thought I could calm myself down and feel happier that way but I always end up getting more and more emo. That kinda feeling really suck cause a lot of negative thoughts would get into my mind. And there's no one I could share with. Then I would feel like shouting out loud to the air or crying. lol I'm cryin too much these days wtfbbq.
Ahh probably I'm thinking too much. Things probably are not what I think they are. They are much more simpler than I thought perhaps.
ShuuuShuuu all negative thoughts go away~
I need someone to motivate me! I'm getting worse day by day...

And goddamnit all my pictures are gone when I transferred them to my laptop from my pendrive! I had already deleted everything in my pendrive and I got no any backups. Shit man
All my secondary school photos, graduation photos, college photos and best friends photos are gone!! Gone. wtf

*p/s: I reaaalllly miss dancing so much!! Feel so rusty now and damn it I've gained weight because of that! I would feel the pain whenever I see people dance. Dancing is my passion. T.T AAAAhhhhh I wanna go home!!! I want everything to go back to normal. puhleaseeee?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

wtf my right hand cacat d >.<

I accidentally knocked my right hand on the ceiling fan when it was spinning.
Spinning spinning spinning!!!!

Yes you did not hear me wrong it was really spinning, with the speed of 2 (luckily it wasn't any more than that, phew...)

You must be thinking, what the shit?? Why the hell did you go and touch the ceiling fan when it was spinning??!

I didn't touch the fan.
It's just because my bed is like super-duper near the fan okay because my bed is a double-deck one.
So at that momment I was really in pain and now the back of my hand (or in more scientific term it's called opisthenar) is a bit swollen already.
It's damn painful when I try to move my small finger so I decided to use more of my left hand.
haha even now I'm just typin with one hand only.
Feel so cacat now la lol

Ahh hopefully nothing serious with my right hand!
I still need to cut fruits for my business assignment next week!!
Hope my hand get better soon lol

Friday, September 5, 2008


lolz that damn facebook.
Someone please teach me how to use facebook. lolz
Why so many applications one. Adui